Daniel Blake Profile

Creative Process

On a raised platform at the end of the room is Daniel's workstation where the creative process takes place. Comprising a large table housing a mass of art and fashion books, paper and pencils, along with fashion magazine cuttings. Nearby, are two mannequins where Daniel and his pattern cutter repeatedly test how his designs will actually take shape on the human form.

He says, “I may come up with the original idea and concepts, but my pattern-cutter plays an important part, as she interprets the idea into a 3-dimensional form - I'm one 'cog' in the whole process from the 'ideas' stage of the garment, to its construction before its final delivery to the customer”

“I start by looking at colour and thinking about colours”, he explains, “It's like a gut-reaction and it's difficult to pinpoint the process to any one thing, or one influence. I am inspired by photographic exhibitions, film, cinema, architecture and construction. For example, my last collection was called 'Urban Vagabond' which was inspired by the raw beauty of worn out clothing, which was translated into wearable designs. I like the idea of creating something beautiful from an urban-industrial setting”

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